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Sudip Chakrabarti


Sudip joined Lightspeed in 2016 as a partner focused on enterprise infrastructure software.

Prior to joining Lightspeed, Sudip was a partner at Andreessen Horowitz where he worked on half a dozen new investments – Forward Networks, Tachyon Nexus,  Distelli, Samsara and couple of others in stealth – and was a board observer for a dozen portfolio companies – Actifio, Databricks, DigitalOcean, Mesosphere, to name a few. He started his venture career at Osage University Partners where he invested in university spinouts such as Menlo Security, Infinio, Skytree, etc. and worked closely with Computer Science researchers from all the top tier universities.

Sudip has an affinity for learning and has spent more than his fair share of time indulging in it. Along the way, he has picked up a PhD (Computer Engineering) from Georgia Tech, an MBA from Wharton and a B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur.

Outside of work and family, Sudip is a huge sports fan. Early in his college career, he considered playing professional soccer until he realized that he just wasn’t good enough. To this day, he remains the most fanatic cricket fan within Lightspeed and probably the entirety of Sand Hill Road.

For Sudip’s random musings on enterprise technology check out his blog (medium.com/@chakrabartis) and/or follow him on Twitter (@chakrabartis).


Sudip Chakrabarti
Email:   Sudip(at)lsvp(dot)com