Tin Kyaw

Vice President, Data. Menlo Park.

As Vice President of Data at Lightspeed, Tin is primarily focused on managing the firm’s data platform for investing. Born and raised in Myanmar (Burma), Tin deeply appreciates the power and importance of technology in uplifting people and changing lives. He ranked fourth nationally among his high school matriculation class in Myanmar and his passion for technology led him to attend MIT as a Toyota-Jameel scholar. Tin graduated from MIT with Bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) and Management Science. He also earned his Master of Engineering degree in EECS at MIT.  

After MIT, Tin moved to Silicon Valley to join Yahoo’s personalized home page team building scalable, distributed systems to ensure every user enjoys a personalized experience. In the early days of the mobile revolution following the launch of the iPhone, Tin joined AdMob to work on improving the targeting effectiveness of mobile advertising based on the wealth of newly available contextual information.  Tin later joined forces with the data science team at AdMob as the first engineer at Drawbridge to work on building the device graph, statistically connecting anonymized ids across hundreds of millions of devices, to enable cross-screen advertising and personalization.  

Later in his career, Tin spent time at Netflix working on the early recommendation algorithms for the Netflix original titles and more recently at Lyft working on ETA estimation and building high-definition maps for autonomous driving.  All the above experiences enable Tin to be a world class expert at building distributed software systems for machine learning powered by big data.  “It gives me great satisfaction to help drive business success through software and data,” said Tin. 

When he’s  not working on building software and crunching data, Tin enjoys spending time with his family and raising fancy goldfish.

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