Shaurya Aggarwal

Partner. Menlo Park. Growth.

Shaurya joined Lightspeed’s Growth practice as a Partner in 2022

Beginning at an early age, Shaurya got first hand exposure to learning what it takes to build a successful company – from hiring the right people to determining the best go to market strategy. His father ran a travel e-commerce startup in India and Shaurya was inspired by his entrepreneurial drive. “It’s what initially spurred my interest in business and technology,” said Shaurya.

Growing up, Shaurya moved around a lot – he was born in India, moved to Maryland at age 4, moved back to India at age 8, and then settled in Seattle at age 15 before heading to college at Duke University where he majored in economics. “Moving back and forth gave me a great appreciation for my cultural heritage and the sacrifices that first generation immigrants (and entrepreneurs) often make,” he said. “Those experiences shaped me in a plethora of ways – most notably, it’s made me comfortable with change.”

Previous to Lightspeed, Shaurya spent time at Bain Capital where he learned to fundamentally evaluate companies, especially from a quantitative perspective. He also worked at McKinsey and gained first-hand operational experience across a broad range of functions – from M&A to procurement. “A successful company is more than just a set of metrics, it’s driven by people and culture,” said Shaurya. When he’s not working, Shaurya loves being active – especially running, hiking, and playing basketball. And as a Duke alum, he enthusiastically supports the Blue Devils, particularly during March Madness.