We back up that belief by delivering the most senior operators, industry luminaries and prominent executives in the industry who focus on delivering real impact.

We believe that founders deserve more than an army of advisors, they deserve practitioners who roll up their sleeves and earn their seat at the table by generating real outcomes. Thoughtful domain expertise, two decades of deep industry partnerships and hard earned insights can change the speed and trajectory of a company when and where you need it most.

Our team helps build and scale growth and early stage companies.

Company defining connections, supported by one of the most powerful networks in venture capital. We focus on deeper relationships, authentic connections and measurable outcomes to get your company moving further, faster and with the right partners in your corner.

  • 1. Corporate Development

    Liquidity, M&A advisory, Access to Equity & Debt Capital Markets and Global Strategic & Financial investors

  • 2. Talent

    Executive Team Building, Organization Strategy, Connecting with Industry Luminaries, Pre IPO board and Advisory Team Building, Executive Compensation and Functional Advisor Support

  • 3. Marketing

    Strategic Brand, Content and Communication Advisory, Brand Building, Public Relations, Marketing and Innovation Consulting, Content, Event & Industry Partnerships

  • 4. Portfolio value creation

    Value Creation, Business Transformation, Operational Efficiencies and Improvement, Outside-In Benchmarking, Cross Portfolio Synergies

  • 5. Finance and legal

    Strategic Advice & Partnership on Financial, Regulatory and Legal matters, Assistance on Group Restructuring, Connections with Legal and Financial Experts and Hiring Support for Finance Teams

These teams serve founders across all stages of company building, from GTM to post-IPO and everything in between. They provide operational support and strategic guidance to portfolio companies by helping them navigate the complexities of building and scaling a business, execute strategic plans, identify risks and opportunities, and support decision making processes.

Serving our founders means connecting them to the people who can be most impactful when and where they need it most. We’ve spent over twenty years building deep ecosystems and community resources to support our founders wherever they are in their entrepreneurial journey.

We’ve helped build some of the most iconic names in technology. We captured the best tools, playbooks and insights along the way to help your team scale in our bespoke portal. Utilise key prebuilt tools, delegate learning paths to team members and even harness the power of the Lightspeed platform by accessing peer founders and proven in-house operators.

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