Yonit Wiseman

Partner. Israel.

Yonit joined Lightspeed’s investing team in Israel in 2022 with a deep understanding of technology and hands-on experience working with early-stage startups. She started her career at The Technological Unit of the Intelligence Forces in IDF (The Israel Defense Forces), where she held various technological positions focused on Cyber Security. After she completed her service six years later, she joined Rookout, a dev-focused Israeli startup, as one of their first employees. At Rookout, she managed solution engineering efforts, working closely with the Sales, R&D and Product departments. 

With a background in technology, Yonit discovered during her time at Rookout, her true passion lies at the intersection of Tech and Business, and she set out on a path to VC. Then, she joined YL Ventures’ investment team where she worked closely with leading Israeli founders, was exposed to top-notch technologies, and developed a broader perspective of innovative solutions that are coming out of Israel. “I always enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them,” said Yonit. “This has a significant influence on the way I work when it comes to investing – from due diligence to helping portfolio companies.” 

As a commander in the IDF,  Yonit was responsible for her team’s well-being and success. Connecting them to the mission, and inspiring them to work together in a collaborative way was essential. “Teamwork is something I advocate for strongly, and value significantly,” said Yonit. “I spent 6 years in the Technological Unit of the IDF, working in a stressful environment with strict deadlines, managing teams and leading complex efforts – all centered around hard technological problems,” she said. “One of the biggest influences for me was working alongside brilliant tech personas, learning how to solve problems, break complicated ideas into achievable missions, and most importantly – never give up.” 

Yonit received a BSc in Computer Science from the Open University, which she completed during her army service.