Antoine Moyroud

Partner. Paris. Enterprise.

Antoine joined Lightspeed’s European investment team in 2022 and spends most of his time on B2B SaaS topics spanning developer tools, fintech/crypto enablers and low-code/no-code.

Having grown-up in the Netherlands and subsequently lived in France and Spain, Antoine has a strong appreciation for Europe and its values. Early in his career, he held operational roles at two European unicorn startups – FlixBus, a German mobility provider at the intersection of tech, e-commerce and transportation, and Dataiku, a French data science and machine learning company. 

Now in Paris after a stint in London, Antoine was most recently Principal at EQT Ventures where he worked closely with a team of former entrepreneurs and startup operators and supported investments across Europe with a focus on France. He covered everything from data analytics to the future of identity, low-code/no-code, design and collaboration tools, fintech and insurtech, and crypto enablers.

Intellectually curious, Antoine speaks four languages – English, French, German, and Spanish – and gets genuinely excited by complex topics or what he says are “topics some people might find boring”. “I love digging deep to understand the nooks and crannies of a technology,” he said. He’s also inspired and driven by passionate people and credits it for what pushes him to try and partner with the best founders across Europe.

Outside of work, Antoine enjoys spending time with his friends offline and online (any Age of Empires II fans?), sustainable travel, and reading up on climate change. He’s also a fan of Disco House music and live music in general. Antoine earned a dual degree in Business Administration and Languages from the University in Lyon and a master’s degree in Data Science from IE Business School in Madrid.