Jerry Simonson

Head of Investment Operations. Menlo Park.

As Head of Investment Operations, Jerry says he looks forward everyday to making the investment teams at Lightspeed more efficient and more effective.

Joining Lightspeed the week before the global pandemic shut down gave Jerry a new sense of perspective on how to build tools and processes with enough flexibility to withstand the unpredictable. “Make it strong, but it can’t break when we bend it in half.”

With a background in sales and go-to-market consulting, Jerry brings a problem solver mentality to his work, along with a lot of empathy. “To build businesses and processes, ultimately people have to be able to change and adapt to the situation. I think my past experiences are what help me understand how to find alignment and help teams march toward common goals.”

Jerry also credits his father’s work ethic as an influence that helped him develop his own sense of perseverance. “I watched my father leave the house every morning at 5:45am. When he was overloaded by demands he wouldn’t pull back he’d lean in and say, ‘What else you got?’”

When not at work, one of Jerry’s favorite activities is woodworking. Even though you start with a clear drawing, “inevitably during a build you’ll have overlooked a detail or will make a mistake and have to adapt. I think this has had a big influence on my work.” Another example of the flexibility Jerry brings to his job enabling Lightspeed’s world-class investment teams to perform at the highest levels.

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