Vaibhav Agrawal

Venture Partner. Menlo Park. Enterprise.

Vaibhav, a former founder and ER doc, is on a mission to help unleash founders’ full potential. He’s lived, started-up and invested across the US and Asia over the past three decades, and has a deep passion for b2b businesses.

“I started my first business, Prima Clinics, because primary care was completely broken, and I wanted to do something about it,” the physician and entrepreneur says. “I didn’t view starting up as a departure from medicine—it in-fact multiplied the scale and impact I could have.” Today, this collective of outpatient clinics provides healthcare to thousands of underserved families.

Vaibhav learned that businesses can rapidly scale up, especially when they leverage technology. While in the Valley, he applied this insight to solve important problems: First he worked at Stride, a benefits-management company that connects freelancers and temp workers with cost-effective insurance. And later, while pursuing his MBA at Stanford, he started Comfort to bring life-improving services to homes of overburdened young parents.

To bring change through business and technology, Vaibhav decided to become a VC and support like-minded entrepreneurs. “I love meeting hungry, perpetually learning, and unconventional founders,” he says. “I love getting to know them deeply, to learn what drives them, and what their mental models are.”

It’s the people behind the companies that really interest Vaibhav, who knows from experience that passion leads to drive, which leads to growth and change. “Because,” he says, “I believe that a human can move mountains if she really wants to do something.”

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