Shan Shan

Partner. Menlo Park. Growth.

Born and raised in Changsha, China, Shan grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Facing new challenges head-on was something she experienced and was inspired by at an early age. She watched her father hustle to build a company brick by brick. “The start of a great business may be a very simple idea. But then it’s the day-after-day relentless pursuit of better that transforms that vision into a real form of impact on families, communities, and even societies,” said Shan.  

Shan landed in the United States with just two big suitcases the summer before college. She went on to study subjects ranging from international relations to algorithmic trading. Her focus on the intersection of technology and commerce trained her to break down business problems and industry changes with a rigorous analytical mindset while maintaining a high level of intellectual curiosity. 


Shan joined Lightspeed in 2020 as a Partner on the Growth team to invest in category-defining consumer and software companies. Prior to working in venture, Shan spent three years investing in the public market as a hedge fund analyst at Point72 Asset Management.  There, she covered 70+ U.S. and European TMT and consumer companies. “Some of my favorite moments over the past few years were going to IPO roadshows and listening to founders’ journeys from day 1,” she said.  “I realize my true passion really lies working alongside people like them, sharing their hard-work, and enabling their success.”  

When Shan’s not working, you can find her in nature hiking or camping. “Spending time in the woods gives me a sense of calm that helps free up my mental space to think and reflect.” She’s also an avid traveler and student of businesses from all regions of the world. After growing up playing the piano, she recently decided to tackle learning the Ukulele.

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