Nathan Wu

Partner. Menlo Park. Growth.

As the son of a professor at Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business, Nathan has always been deeply immersed in the world of aspiring entrepreneurs. Brief stints with an Atlanta-based startup accelerator and a small crypto security firm only sharpened his hunger to partner with exceptional companies.

“I’ve always had a deep fascination with generational business stories,” he says. “I’ve wanted to be a part of them and to help shape their unique trajectories, rather than passively observing the outcome. That’s how I knew I wanted to be an investor.

Nathan began his career as a hedge fund investor, then got his first experience in venture with ICONIQ Capital, working closely with companies like 1Password, Enfusion, GoodRx, and Ramp. While at ICONIQ he was introduced to Lightspeed Partner Adrian Radu and got to know other members of the Lightspeed team.

“I became deeply enamored of the Lightspeed platform, the breadth of their vision, and the caliber of the team. When they asked me to come on as a partner in the growth practice, I was thrilled. I haven’t looked back since.”

The son of two Asian immigrants, Nathan quickly learned the value of hard work and the lessons that can be learned from trial and error. As his mother often told him, he might not be the smartest or richest person in the room, but he can always be the hardest working. That ethos continues to define him as an investor, a partner, and a human being.

“Running a business is incredibly demanding. I try to take a step back and empathize with founders on their lives, their interests, their dreams – not just how performance compares to plan,” says Nathan.

In his spare time Nathan enjoys team sports like volleyball, as well as individual pursuits such as poker, chess, and piano. These hobbies are indicative of his ability to work collaboratively, make risk-conscious bets, and relate to entrepreneurs on a human level.

“It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to work with exceptional founders who are attempting to change the world in fundamental ways.”