Natalie Luu

I gravitate towards founders who are adaptable and have clarity in their vision. I look for the ones with grit willing to fix hard problems.

Growing up in San Francisco in the 90s and 2000s, Natalie experienced the journey of entrepreneurs first-hand while helping her family’s tea business. While most of her classmates in grade school attended basketball or science camp, she sold products at trade shows and enrolled in college math classes. From a young age, she constantly hustled and pushed boundaries.

Natalie’s curiosity for math and entrepreneurship led her to Stanford, where she graduated with a BS in materials science engineering and MS in management science and engineering. Natalie sees the world through an analytical and engineering lens, and thinks about how she can help advance technology by helping the brightest entrepreneurs.

Before joining Lightspeed, Natalie spent several years consulting for Y Combinator. Natalie initially got involved with YC during her undergraduate years when she was tapped to be the first college ambassador to scout budding entrepreneurs at universities.

In between her two stints at Y Combinator, Natalie was an investment banker at Qatalyst Partners, a technology focused boutique firm in San Francisco. At Qatalyst, she worked on a number of M&A transactions with companies in software, internet, and semiconductors. Natalie also spent time at Accel-KKR, where she helped source software companies for growth equity investments and buyouts. Natalie also worked as a product manager at Microsoft in Seattle and consulted for ZhenFund, an early-stage venture capital firm in China.

In her spare time, Natalie enjoys boxing and rooting for the Warriors.


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