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Barry Eggers


"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be." (Wayne Gretzky) What I love about working with great entrepreneurs is their ability to see where the market is going two, three or even five years from now.

Barry is a Founding Partner of Lightspeed and focuses primarily on information technology infrastructure, with a specific interest in big data, cloud, IoT, networking, and storage. He has 20 years of venture capital experience, 10 years of operating experience and has been named to the Forbes Midas List of top 100 investors multiple times.

Barry is a board member of Avi Networks, Dremio, MapR Technologies, Mosaixsoft, Parsable and Serverless. He previously led investments in Nimble Storage (Public, NMBL), Pliant Technology (acquired by Sandisk), Calista Technologies (acquired by MSFT), Arbor Networks (acquired by DHR), Growth Networks (acquired by CSCO), Maker Communications (Public, acquired post-IPO by CNXT), Memoir Systems (acquired by CSCO), Metasolv Software (Public, acquired post-IPO by ORCL), Sirocco Systems (acquired by SCMR), and Telogy Networks (acquired by TI).

Prior to joining Lightspeed, Barry held executive roles in business development and general management at Cisco Systems from 1991-1997. While at Cisco, Barry established many of the company’s largest distribution channels across OEMs, Service Providers, Distributors, and VARs. He also developed Cisco’s initial M&A process and directed the first wave of acquisitions and integrations for the company.

Barry holds a BA in Economics and Business from the University of California, Los Angeles and an MBA from Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Barry is a member of the UCLA Economics Board of Visitors.

Something most people don’t know about Barry:
Barry is a fourth generation Californian. “I grew up here in the Silicon Valley and can remember when it was filled with cherry and apricot orchards.”

Barry Eggers
Email:   eggers@lsvp dot com

Current Investments:

Avi Networks
MapR Technologies
Origami Logic

Public, SNAP

Prior Investments:

Arbor Networks

Acquired, DHR

Calista Technologies

Acquired, Microsoft

Growth Networks

Acquired, CSCO

Maker Comms

Acquired, Conexant, post IPO

Memoir Systems

Acquired, CSCO

MetaSolv Software

Acquired, ORCL, post IPO

Nimble Storage

Public, NMBL


Acquired, Cradlepoint

Pliant Technology

Acquired, Sandisk

Sirocco Systems

Acquired, SCMR

Telogy Networks

Acquired, TI


Acquired, AV