Ankur Goyal - CEO & CO-FOUNDER
Series A
Acquired by Figma
Lightspeed Team
Barry Eggers - Co-Founder
Gaurav Gupta - Partner

Impira’s Asset Intelligence Platform utilizes AI to automate the process of developing, managing and deploying high volumes of digital content. Impira eliminates the manual, repetitive, and monotonous tasks traditionally associated with digital asset management — enabling teams to organize, search for, analyze, and create visual data instantly.
Impira Founder and CEO, Ankur Goyal realized from a young age that there must be a way to streamline manual processes with technology in order to make people and companies more productive and happier. As a child of two doctors, he grew up watching how time-consuming and burdensome the manual process of updating medical records was for his parents. At MemSQL, Ankur saw the impact artificial intelligence had in enterprises — making companies significantly more productive — and he saw an opportunity to develop software that can help enterprises manage the heavy volume of visual data they rely on to stay competitive in today’s digital era.

Gaurav Gupta