Founder Resources

The Lightspeed Founder Success Team has designed operating programs and resources to empower founders to build strong foundations to last through all phases of company growth. The resources provided here are designed to support our CEOs navigating challenges, building teams, and searching for needle-moving connections.


COVID-19’s rapid progress has created unexpected challenges for founders and leadership teams. To support our founders and foster community during this time, the Lightspeed Team collected insights and perspectives from across our teams in China, India and Europe, and is offering office hours, Slack workplaces for our founders to connect with their peers, and virtual programs designed to support our global portfolio.

Lightspeed Charitable Giving

As we continue to monitor the global crisis, we are reminded that this moment calls on community members to help one another both locally and around the globe. We are in a fortunate position to do our part to have a small impact. If you feel inspired to make a donation, below are the organizations Lightspeed has contributed to. Any amount can help those on the frontlines: Tipping Point, Red Cross, United Way’s community funds in China, India, Israel, and Europe.

Lightspeed Marketplace

The Marketplace is designed for founders and their teams to benefit from the larger Lightspeed community by gaining special access to a variety of benefits, discounts and deals from fellow Lightspeed portfolio companies and a wide range of vetted, third-party vendors.