Amit Mehra

Chief Financial Officer. India.

Amit strongly believes that finance plays a key “enabling” role in any organization. As Chief Financial Officer of Lightspeed India Partners, he devotes most of his time enabling investors to focus on investing, and founders to focus on the health and growth of their companies.

Amit’s ability to put his expertise and experience to work to make a meaningful impact on Lightspeed India funds and portfolio companies keeps him engaged and inspired.

Amit joined Lightspeed in 2018 after 15+ years of successfully leading McKinsey’s finance function in India. He’s experienced, hands-on, and results-oriented with a proven history in leading and transforming finance functions. While Amit hails from a professional services background, the world of Venture Capital has always been of interest to him. He’s passionate about the whole entrepreneurial journey of founders, especially as they transition from an early stage start-up to a more established venture.

Amit earned his Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Delhi University and is a top ranking Chartered Accountant. When he’s not busy working, he cherishes time with family.

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