Jason Wang

My parents taught me to never say ‘no’ before hearing someone out.

To some people, failure is not an option. Then, there’s Jason. “To me, an entrepreneur is worth pursuing if he fails once but continues to try and realize his dream,” he says. “As long as his former partners still respect him and are still willing to work with him, I see that as a positive sign.”

Jason first became interested in venture capital as a college student, then took a detour after graduation to work as a strategic consultant for Deloitte, where he gained deep cross-industry experience in finance, real estate, manufacturing, and high tech. He then spent four years as a VP at Gobi Partners, learning the ropes and building his own investment philosophy. When he met LCP founders Herry Han and James Mi, something clicked. “The team gives me a lot of inspiration,” he says. “We want to bet on great entrepreneurs, to make and keep close connections with great young talent.”

Strong family values also play a key part in Jason’s approach to his work. “My parents taught me to never say ‘no’ before hearing someone out,” he says. “I carry that with me today. I try to stay open-minded about new things and to always remain objective and impartial.”