Aditya Sharma

“The single most important factor in my investing philosophy is the people.”

Aditya leads Lightspeed’s India and SEA Growth investing efforts. Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, Aditya was frequently in the midst of “business and organisation building” conversations. He sees himself as an aspiring “builder” and is drawn to helping build culture, people, and companies. He was a founding member of TA Associates’ growth platform in India and is now helping build Lightspeed’s growth platform in the region.

“At Lightspeed I was extremely grateful and fortunate to find my calling – an opportunity to help grow the growth stage investing franchise, a platform to build everlasting relationships and work with the most inspiring founders who are shaping the future, and to be part of an organisation, while being highly ambitious, puts its people and culture first”.

Outdoor sport has been a big part of his life having played football, hockey and basketball in the state leagues. He once had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. Hence, qualities that are synonymous with team sport such as trust, intensity and teamwork have resonated with him throughout his personal and professional life. 

After graduating from the London School of Economics, Aditya spent three years in investment banking at Lehman Brothers in London in their merger and acquisitions group covering technology and media companies. In 2008, he had a unique opportunity to help set up TA Associates’ growth investing platform in India. “Not only was this my segue into growth investing, but also a really exciting opportunity to build a platform from the ground up,” said Aditya. 

After a brief stint at TA in London, he relocated to India in 2009 as part of a small founding team to establish TA’s growth practice in the region. 12 rewarding years at TA, an MBA at Wharton and several successful growth stage investments later, he embarked on a new journey with Lightspeed. 

“I don’t invest in companies, but in people who are building companies. My most treasured moments are when my relationships with founders and management teams deepen, and I get to learn about their stories, struggles, motivations, and triumphs.

I get tremendous satisfaction in moments where we play our part in helping our founders and companies scale to the next level. This could be a nudge that leads to uncovering newer growth areas, a warm introduction that leads to a successful business partnership, or a connection that becomes a key hire. The single most important factor in my investing philosophy is the people, always the people!”