Lightspeed congratulates Rubrik on its IPO — and celebrates the milestones of our journey together



From first check all the way to the public markets, Lightspeed has been proud to build with Rubrik since its founding in late 2013. Partner Ravi Mhatre led the firm's investment and has remained a trusted advisor and director on the board. Bipul Sinha, Co-Founder and CEO, was a Lightspeed partner when he first envisioned the company that would become Rubrik. Here, a timeline of key moments in Rubrik's growth story:

December 2013
Initial Deal Memo Recommending Investment in Rubrik
January 2014
Lightspeed Leads Series A
May 2015
Rubrik Announces Series B
July 2016
Rubrik Raises Series C
May 2017
Rubrik Announces Series D
June 2018
April 2024
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