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Courtesy of visual.ly. Click through to see a bigger version.

  • gerrylu

    seriously? Can you just write a few sentences on what it is and how it works…must you always be out of the box???

  • maorsa

    All this complexion.
    I have a new start up.
    It’s called cash.

    With my new tech the flow would be:
    Alice gices cash to Bob. Bob gives goods to Alice.

  • http://lsvp.com/blog/ jeremyliew

    That will never work. :-)

  • Bob

    Cash it’s really that simple.. it has a whole banking system behind it and a government, printing, buying foreign money, selling, manipulating, rules, regulations, economists, advisers, etc.. You could say the same about bitcoin: “Alice sends bitcoins to Bob, Bob gives goods to Alice”.
    To really explain how cash works you’ll need a bigger diagram.