"There is no one-size fits all model for success"

Growing up moving from the United Arab Emirates to Turkey to Brussels to the United States, Anoushka has always embraced looking at life from multiple perspectives. “That experience gave me a strong appreciation for different people, cultures, and backgrounds,” she says. “And a deep belief that there is no one-size fits all model for success.”

Anoushka has seen both sides of the spectrum within the venture industry. Before Lightspeed, she was an investor at Matrix, supporting entrepreneurs raising their first rounds of funding, and then at SoftBank with entrepreneurs deliberating multi-billion rounds. At Lightspeed, Anoushka focuses on investments in growth-stage companies within the enterprise software and infrastructure ecosystems.

“Today, founders have more options but also face more challenges about how to sustainably scale their business,” says Anoushka. “It’s important to partner with a team that can support an entrepreneur at every stage of his or her business.”

Before Lightspeed, she also served as the third product manager at MasterClass, while the company scaled from 50 to 80 employees. “A company is a sum of the people within it.  The best leaders are not fungible – their impact is far-reaching and indelible on the culture they create.”

Anoushka began her career working with technology companies at Goldman and McKinsey, where she led the firm’s first project with Facebook on the launch of She double majored in Economics and Psychology at Columbia, where she graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and then went to Harvard where she earned her MBA. In her spare time, she enjoys running along the Embarcadero and curates a monthly newsletter called The Mail which focuses on themes in growth-stage venture investing, scaling companies, and enterprise software.