Fullview: Supercharging Customer Support

Consumers expectations around support and issue resolution are higher than ever. More than 60 percent of customers will churn after a bad experience, up 22 percent from last year. The rise of remote and distributed work among end users, support agents and development as well as product teams triaging issues has created an acute need for tooling that connects these constituents and overcomes issues fast.

Having spent the past two years looking at everything from emerging remote desktop applications to next-gen customer support companies, we immediately got excited when we first met Daniel Bakh and Dorin Tarau. They clearly understand the pain of scaling technical customer support. Today, we are excited to announce Lightspeed’s seed investment in Fullview, the fastest way to understand and resolve customer support tickets.

The Fullview team in the Cluj office

Fullview is building an end-to-end platform consolidating the plethora of tools currently leveraged by customer support and development teams. The typical workflow of a support agent entails contacting the customer, understanding and visualizing the issue, screenshotting the problem if unresolved, potentially sharing the issue to the development team or other organizations to be triaged and then reaching back out to the customer. Today, many customer support agents are forced to triage between a number of tools to resolve an issue including TeamViewer for screen control, Hotjar for session recordings and heat-maps, Zoom for customer calls and LogRocket for console logs and bug reports. Fullview offers a platform that replaces today’s siloed solutions with a single API.

Fullview enables agents to access a customer’s screen and do audio and video calls inside the application. During the call, an agent can see a customer’s entire user journey and issue history as well as view console logs. Fullview automatically records support sessions allowing agents to share the context for support issues easily in the organization and provides a dashboard with all historical customer issue data including console logs, technical browser state, and click maps to instantly diagnose technical issues and improve your product. Fullview aspires to help companies deliver faster, better and more personal technical support, while bridging the data gap between support and product teams.

Fullview product snapshot

Fullview has been actively developing the product with a community of over 100 support leaders. Daniel Bakh and Dorin Tarau are methodological, ambitious founders. With their team based out of Copenhagen, Denmark and Cluj, Romania, they have been releasing product updates each week. Fullview 1.0 is now also fully open for sign-up three months ahead of schedule. Please visit Fullview to try it out.

We are delighted to be working with Daniel Bakh and Dorin Tarau on this journey alongside our friends at Cherry and Seedcamp, as well as a number of angels including: David Helgason (founder of Unity), Jeppe Rindom (founder of Pleo), Gokul Rajaram (CPO of DoorDash), Mads Fosselius (founder of Dixa), Christian Reber (founder of Pitch.com), Jonathan Sanders (founder of Juni), Fabian Lange (Co-Founder, Instana), Andrew Jones (Co-Founder, Attentive) and Amar Chokhawala (President, Sitecore). With this round, Fullview further expands Lightspeed’s European portfolio which includes Matillion, Payhawk, Personio, Vinted, and more. We look forward to joining Fullview as they revolutionize customer support and build a category defining business.

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