Too often VC only scratches the surface. Continually consuming until there’s a basic understanding of everything, and expertise in nothing. Lightspeed takes a different approach.

Depth is our center of gravity. It’s how we build and maintain a mastery that enables unwavering conviction in the companies we back.

Our depth of commitment means rolling up our sleeves to earn our seat at the table. Depth of relationships means authenticity, transparency and trust. And depth of belief means navigating the peaks and valleys together, regardless of how the terrain unfolds.

Complete immersion is the heart of our philosophy on investing and what separates us from speculators and opportunists. Creating together instead of funding from afar. Forging enduring companies with the power of one global team.

Because possibility grows the deeper you go.



An energizing two days and a packed house at Lightspeed India's inaugural #liftoff portfolio-investor event in Mumbai. 40 curated startups, 100+ growth funds from around the globe.

Hammered by AI

Introducing Hammered by AI, a new series dedicated to sharing our views on all things AI. If you are interested in this transformative technology, we invite you to join our community as we discuss the latest innovations, advancements, ethical considerations, and practical applications of AI. Subscribe to Hammered by AI today, and embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with us.

Warpspeed Hackathon

An energizing two days at our Warpspeed GEN AI Hackathon featuring 107 builders and developers and partners from Microsoft, Google, AWS, Devfolio and Replit! With workshops, bounties and the best of AI innovation on display.

Masters of SaaS

Insightful sessions of #MastersofSaaS with experts from the ecosystem where they share the journey, advice for founders, the future of SaaS and more for the enterprise.

Lightspeed raises $500 million to invest in startups across India, Southeast Asia

Keep following #MastersofSaas for insightful sessions from SaaS builders and leaders as they share their journeys and advice for founders!

Come Home and Build

For operators and executives thinking about returning to India to build - a deep-dive on all things you need to consider and prepare for! From navigating the job market to how to plan for your kids schooling and where to connect with the right advisors and networks who have made this journey before. We got you covered at

Go Global with Limitless

In today's boundary-blurring digital age, geography matters less. Founders today view global expansion as a necessary first step. The challenge remains: How to navigate this path? Introducing Limitless, where we connect and learn from those who've successfully built cross-border business. Limitless aims to unite cross-border founders into a community for shared learning and growth.

work with us
Build With Us

Smart founders deserve a partner who can go beyond the surface. A partner who understands what you are building and why. Learn how Lightspeed goes deeper for our founders.