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It’s no secret that that I see the opportunity for Bitcoin to disrupt multi-billion-dollar markets and dramatically cut transaction costs for people around the world.  We are in the early stages of innovation in this ecosystem, and Lightspeed wants to encourage that innovation

So today, I am thrilled to announce that Lightspeed Venture Partners will anchor the newly created Boost BitCoin Fund. This fund will provide all of the Bitcoin related startups in the next Boost VC incubator class with guaranteed capital.  Joining us an investors in the fund are Rothenberg Ventures, the Bitcoin Opportunity Fund and Ben Davenport.

Boost is a Bay Area accelerator founded by Adam Draper that is currently focused on Bitcoin. Adam is as passionate about Bitcoin as we are.  We are pleased to be working with him to provide some of the most promising early-stage startups in this market with the support and funding they need.

Lightspeed has made several investments in Bitcoin companies already and plan to continue funding companies in the Bitcoin ecosystem as an area of continued focus.


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