Taggart Bonham

Partner. Menlo Park. Enterprise.

Growing up in Silicon Valley and seeing the rapid pace of technology development fostered Taggart’s passion for entrepreneurship and turning vision into reality. As a child he had a natural sense of curiosity and loved building (and taking apart) robots to better understand how things work.

As an Enterprise Partner at Lightspeed, Taggart brings extensive experience in the venture space and a deep knowledge of assessing how the newest technologies and startups will shape the future. He finds his job most rewarding when he is able to help serve the visionaries who “pull the future into the present.”

“I see my role as exploring the frontiers of technology to invest in platform shifts in the physical world,” Taggart noted, “and thinking deeply about how we might refactor the world of atoms.”

Before Lightspeed, Taggart was a frontier tech investor at Playground Global and a product manager for AI platforms at Shape Security (a cybersecurity company that was bought by F5). During high school and college, he built autonomous warehouse robots at Magna, an automotive supplier. He holds a Computer Science degree from Dartmouth, wrote a thesis on the resilience of the U.S. energy infrastructure and won a pitch contest there, too. He was also on the Varsity Sailing team at Dartmouth.

Taggart spent a number of summers teaching English in Asia, which opened his eyes to the massive global impacts of technology. He brings his natural intellectual curiosity about how things work and a deep technical background to the Lightspeed team. Today he still loves building, tinkering, and playing around with new technologies. When he’s not doing that, Taggart fills his free time reading textbooks, history books, and everything in between.

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