Unforgettable Stories and One World Trade Views: Highlights from our “Leading Lights” Series Featuring Shan-Lyn Ma and Alex Chung.

Views from Mic’s Office at One World Trade.


Shan-Lyn Ma, Co-founder of Zola, and Alex Taussig of Lightspeed.
  • Zola perspective — This partnership was born out of real demand by our couples. Crate & Barrel is the #1 externally added brand onto Zola registries (via our add to Zola button). Now couples will be able to register directly for Crate & Barrel dinnerware, furniture, home decor and more, plus the 50,000+ gifts we already sell and cash funds. This is the 4th retailer, and most notable, to choose Zola as an exclusive registry partner (ABC Home, Backcountry, Michael C. Fina).
  • Crate & Barrel perspective — They want to reach new engaged customers where they already are, on Zola. They are focused on growing their registry business.
Alex Chung, Co-founder of GIPHY, and Nicole Quinn of Lightspeed.
  • People before process
  • Community before company
  • Relationships before process
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