The Mobile-First Company raises €3.5M to pioneer a new approach in Business Tooling

Co-Founders of The Mobile-First Company pictured left to right: Jérémy Goillot and Ignacio Siel Brunet

We’re excited to partner with Jérémy, Ignacio and The Mobile-First Company founding team to shake up the business application market.

Long time coming

We first met Jérémy about 8 years ago at Web Summit, where, even back then when we were both just volunteering at the conference, he showcased a strong vision for software as well as the hustle mindset to get it done. He went on to build the growth engine at Spendesk, where he successfully devised smart ways to break through the noise. 

We kept in touch and, following his departure from Spendesk, chatted about what his next move would be. At the time, he was mulling over the prospect of building something in the SaaS industry. Why? Tools that have grown into multi-billion dollar companies had become too clunky and painful to use. Driven by his international travel in emerging markets, Jeremy started zooming in on how many entrepreneurs were leapfrogging the PC era straight into mobile-first ways of doing business. His vision came into focus: designing a delightful business application, accessible to the masses. 

The core tenets of The Mobile First Company

Jérémy partnered with Ignacio, who had scaled the engineering team at fintech infrastructure leader Pomelo, to work on what a mobile-first approach to core business needs would look like. Below are the three core ideas that The Mobile-First Company hinges on: 

  • Composable SaaS – The best of both worlds
    • Small businesses face tight resources, and often sink their software costs in complex and costly ERP platforms which boast large feature sets with minimal flexibility. The Mobile-First Company is born from the belief that business owners shouldn’t have to choose between functionality and cost-efficiency. With the premise “One app, one problem,” MFC intends to bring the best of both worlds by offering a composable, integrated suite of applications to support the growth of those dynamic businesses. No more paying for unused features.
  • Mobile-first – Where it should start
    • The Mobile-First Company champions a seamless, integrated mobile experience that merges consumer simplicity with business efficiency. Whether it’s updating an invoice, sending a quick quote, managing inventory with a snapshot, or ensuring a nurse checks her equipment before visits, The Mobile-First Company’s apps empower businesses to perform critical business actions on the go. This is incredibly valuable as regulators increasingly require the broad digitization of business—as exemplified by the European Union making e-invoicing mandatory in the coming months.
  • International by design – Targeting the Global SMB market
    • The Mobile-First Company is dedicated to empowering the driving force behind GDP—small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) around the world. With a global team providing insights from multiple regions, The Mobile-First Company is designing products for use in a wide range of industries and geographies—including rapidly growing emerging markets.

We can’t wait to the first apps from this world-class team and look forward to bringing the best of the Lightspeed global platform to accelerate their success.

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