The Fintech ecosystem is exploding. Alloy is at the heart of that.

Charles Hearn, Tommy Nicholas, Laura Spiekerman, Co-founders of Alloy.
Alloy is the command center for managing identity & risk

A perfect market fit

Leading Alloy’s Series C was not a difficult decision for us. Alloy has already seen tremendous market uptake in a very short time. It now serves more than 200 clients and has tripled revenue in the past year. It is scaling quickly, growing from 54 employees to more than 140 in the space of a year. And its financial services clients love them. Using Alloy has reduced manual reviews by 95% while cutting incidents of fraud in half.

An exploding Fintech ecosystem

Alloy is Fintech infrastructure at its core — and perhaps the most critical piece of the financial services technology stack. The number of Fintech startups and adjacent companies is growing exponentially, and all of them will require the kinds of risk management services Alloy provides.

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