Rattle 2.0 — Reinventing RevOps

Back in 2021, when we first met Rattle during their seed round, I was admittedly a bit skeptical. Sales and Marketing automation was already a very crowded space. However, we at Lightspeed were seeing many functional teams shifting where they were spending their time: more and more on engagement platforms such as Slack and Teams, and less and less on static systems of records such as Salesforce or Hubspot. Rattle presented a unique proposition: the ability to effortlessly connect the CRM with the messaging platform of choice for one of the fastest growing roles in the sales stack — the RevOps professional. This approach was already getting them some insane NPS with customers who couldn’t stop talking Rattle’s praises. We led the round and buckled down for the journey.

This initial promise wasn’t an empty one. RevOps teams were hungry for a tool that was built just for their needs. The ease and efficiency Rattle introduced into the RevOps space were undeniable, and a rapid uptake in the market validated this. In just 2 years, we went from under 10 customers to now 150+, including Gong, Miro, Nutanix, Moveworks and more. We raised our series A with investors such as Insight and Google Ventures. The more we delved into Rattle’s capabilities — from its low/no-code features to its sharp focus on the “Ops” function — the clearer it became that this was a tool with game-changing potential. But as always for startups, success is a moving goal-post. Success is a journey.

As Rattle found its legs, a more intricate picture began to reveal itself. While connecting CRM with messaging platforms in the way Rattle did was revolutionary, there was an underlying gap in the RevOps domain. Rattle had to go one step below automation and provide a singular location for RevOps to document their sales process and see if their decisions were working or not. For example, one of our customers was facing issues with their renewals/churn but wasn’t able to understand where exactly in their highly complex sales process they lost the customer.

Rattle and RevOps 2.0

In response, Rattle went back to the drawing board with a set of world class design partners and created two tools: Atlas and Digest. Atlas brings documentation and automation to the same place. No longer will you have an outdated sales process living somewhere in google doc. With Atlas, this customer was able to identify that RevOps was pinging the account team only a week before renewal which was already too late in their renewal journey. Imagine if you can spot and fix dozens of these adherence gaps and your automation engine than adapts to, e.g., send renewal reminders 2 weeks in advance — all of it automatically across the entire org? That’s Atlas!

Along with Atlas, Rattle also offers Digest: a google sheet-like view that has only those records that are out of compliance. No more trying to figure out which fields you have to update at what point in the deal’s journey. It’s all there in one place. To get a glimpse of what I’m talking about, here’s Rattle’s launch video.

The early customer love has been quite incredible. As a VC, it isn’t every day we see people get as excited about a software tool as they do about Rattle. So much so that over 10% of Rattle’s customers are actually referrals from existing customers and this number continues to grow. Companies such as Qualified, Zip, and Abnormal Security are already saving 30 minutes every day per rep using Atlas and Digest. With Rattle 2.0 going fully GA, we are excited to serve these amazing solutions to all fast-growing enterprises globally who believe in the power of RevOps and automation to supercharge their sales processes. If you’d like to have a look, please visit Rattle here.

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