How Shortwave taught me to stop stressing about my inbox and learn to love email

Team Shortwave

The joy of email

  • Email is overdue for disruption. It’s a massive time sink that consumes more than a full day every week for most people. If you got a chance to get back 20 percent or more of that time, wouldn’t you take it?
  • The total addressable market is massive. Email is the original internet app — with billions of users worldwide. Gmail alone has over 1.5B active users. Capturing even a small portion of this market creates not just an amazing business, but one that has tremendous impact as we become more productive over email.
  • The team and technology are amazing. Andrew Lee cofounded Firebase, an app development platform he sold to Google that now powers billions of apps. His cofounders Jacob Wenger and Jonny Dimond were key early Firebase employees, along with Ali Berlin Johnson and others on the Shortwave founding team. They have deep expertise in large scale cloud data systems, real-time sync, usability, security, and privacy — because they’ve done it before.

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