Fintech Trends for 2023 and Beyond

Lightspeed’s investment team shares what’s fascinating them and what to watch for in the year ahead

Global Payments Infrastructure

B2B Cross-border payments & money movement

Real-time payments: Brazil enters Pix 2.0 era

Real-time payments: SEA’s regional integration

At the metal: The return of elegant, simple APIs

Open Finance Continues to Transform Financial Services

Cross border aggregation of middle office layer


B2B Application Layer Fintech

Rise of the “Forgotten” Industries: Re-Imagining Vertical Fintechs

Tooling for the CFO suite

Anchor led supply chain financing

B2B cross border lending for MSMEs


The green shift: climate’s effect on finance

Financing the transition: “Voting with your euros”


Proven Insurtech 2.0 business models

Wealth Management

Wealth management still needs a human in the loop

India’s mass affluent wealth needs

Social security is dying. Wealth products in the USA need to be reborn.


Neobanks and Neobrokers Go Dark: Who Survives the Slump?

Expanding Financial Tools & Services for Aging Americans

Risk & Regulation

Fraud is a Big Business, FIs need help!

Automation in compliance: skill shortages aren’t helping

SEA: More regulatory clarity and focus on monetization

Shaded countries indicate Lightspeed’s focus areas for investment
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