Don’t overplan your career.

  • A long-time private equity investor returns to his old firm to remain on partner track. Then is recruited to be COO of a startup. Then again into a similar role at another startup. Then starts a search fund and acquires a profitable business, where he is now CEO.
  • A McKinsey vet works at hedge fund, doesn’t like it, goes back to McKinsey for a while. Then is recruited into an administrative position at one of the top asset managers in the world. Now reports to C-level executive and is running one of the fastest growing business units.
  • A former product manager in Bay Area nearly drops out of school to work in animated film production, after an eye opening internship at a top studio. Ends up at a gaming company and rides the wave of growth, eventually reporting to the CEO directly. Walks away to risk it all on a new venture of her own.
  • A former marketing manager at a CPG company joins a popular yoga studio chain to work in retail operations, but realizes her passion is for the practice of yoga itself. Begins to teach yoga on the side, and eventually leaves her job to start a business of her own — using yoga philosophy and practice to help executives achieve higher levels of performance and satisfaction.
  1. Do you love the thing you’re working on?
  2. Do you admire the people you’re working with?
  3. Are you learning and growing your skills?
  4. Do you see an internal path for career progression?


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