Building Tomorrow’s Boardroom, Today.

  • Put yourself out there. Board recruitment can vary when it comes to timeline and process, but networking always pays off. Oftentimes, a candidate ends up on “the list” because they made it known they were interested in joining a board and someone advocated for them.
  • Do your diligence before joining a board. Ask yourself: Is this a board where I can contribute my unique expertise and experience? Is this a board where I will learn something that’s of value in my life? In my operating role? Have clear criteria for opportunities that are right for you, because the time you’ll commit to a board is significant.
  • Being a good board member is more than showing up at meetings. Knowing the business, industry, and competitive landscape are table stakes, but don’t forget to get to know the people, too. For example: Learn more about fellow board members by switching up who you sit with at dinner. Immerse yourself in the company by flying in a day early to meet with different teams.
  • The board of the future is diverse. Period. It’s not about filling “the female seat,” or “the person of color seat.” It’s about always having a diverse slate of talented candidates in the pipeline and in your network.
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