Lightspeed’s Investment in Rattle

Changing the way enterprise software works

L → R: Sahil Aggarwal, Apoorva Verma, and Milan Singh
What we heard from Rattle users

So what exactly is Rattle?

In the last two decades, enterprise business processes have undergone two massive automation waves. The first wave gave us monolithic, centralized systems of record such as Salesforce and Workday. They weren’t pretty or easy to use, but they served an important purpose — digitizing and centralizing the previously analog and siloed business processes. The second wave focused on systems of intelligence overlays such as Looker and Gong. They sat atop the business systems of record and then predicted the future state of the business. We are now amidst a third shift: one towards systems of engagement such as Slack and Teams. These engagement platforms are the new nerve centers for work, but they are siloed from record-keeping and intelligence platforms, making collaboration and decision-making cumbersome. Rattle bridges the gap.

Rattle is a no-code automation platform for a variety of business processes, starting with sales & marketing.

As the S&M tech stack gets more complex, both data (e.g. call logs, deal statuses) and CTAs (e.g. follow-up reminders) are getting siloed into platforms such as Salesforce, Gong, Outreach, and many more. Rattle integrates with all these systems of record and systems of intelligence to (1) surface information timely via Slack (and others e.g. MSFT Teams in future), and (2) allow updating these platforms from inside of Slack which customers love as it reduces a lot of friction and time taken to update these records piecemeal.

One of many use-cases solved by Rattle: Sales Productivity

Businesses worldwide are mired in processes — from sales to marketing, HR, IT, and more. With increased digitization and remote work, processes and adherence thereof are only going to diverge over time. The Rattle team really impressed us by their unrelenting focus on the most important piece of this puzzle: the people caught in these processes. Rarely have we seen such intense customer love so early in a company’s life and we at Lightspeed are really honored to lead their seed round. Go get on their waitlist here!

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