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Adtech, Enterprise, Internet, Media, Social

Teads invented native video advertising back in 2012. Their advertising solutions encompass a series of video ad formats inserted deep into media content, such as articles. They are entirely respectful of the user experience, which is never forced. Native video advertising is changing the game for advertisers and publishers alike by creating unprecedented levels of premium video inventory, which didn’t previously exist.

“Native video advertising, also called Outstream, has opened a multi-billion dollar market and propelled our rapid growth. Since december 2015, Teads is rated No.1 Global Video Advertising Marketplace in comScore video advertising ecosystem report. We are capable of reaching 1.2 billion users all over the world!”

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"We saw a shift in the power of influence from media to individuals and realised there was a need in the marketplace to harness the influence of key advocates for brands. So with this in mind we decided to create a pan-European platform to connect brands & influencers and Teads was born!"