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E-Commerce, Enterprise, Internet

BloomReach’s marketing Big Data applications maximize customers’ revenues – attracting unmet demand and creating better user experiences by making the most relevant products and services easier to find.

BloomReach created the Web Relevance Engine (WRE), which analyzes one billion consumer interactions and semantically interprets the products and services on over one billion web pages daily. The WRE dynamically adapts websites to capture existing consumer demand across search, social and advertising channels, driving an average 80% increase in non-branded natural search traffic and significant incremental revenues across their large customer base from the retail, travel and listings industries.

Ashutosh Garg, Founder
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"We started BloomReach to fix the web. The web, challenged by exponential growth in content and noise, is becoming a much less relevant experience for users. BloomReach makes sure the best content, products and services get found."