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PernixData introduces a software-defined “Flash Virtualization Platform” that aggregates and virtualizes flash storage distributed across servers into a scale-out data tier for enterprise data centers to provide low cost, deterministic high performance to any out-of-box application.




The enterprise storage market is experiencing a tectonic shift led primarily by virtualization and storage media disruptions. The availability of flash storage on the server tier has created an opportunity to make data application aware. The PernixData’s Flash Virtualization Platform is essentially the new storage brain that makes intelligent decisions about storage at the compute tier. The company envisions a virtualized data center architecture in which the server resident Flash Virtualization Platform would drive storage performance and scalability, whereas the network storage tier would provide capacity and data services.

PernixData brings together the rare combination of a top team and a game changing technology. The co-founders, Poojan Kumar and Satyam Vaghani, started the company to transform the enterprise storage landscape by building a truly frictionless software-defined storage platform that accelerates the commoditization of the network resident storage devices and that brings the storage brain on the server tier closer to applications. The PernixData team has delivered an industry’s first enterprise class, scale-out data tier in a record time. The company has an opportunity to redefine enterprise storage market in a manner that VMware did with the server virtualization of CPU and memory.

At Lightspeed, we are excited about our partnership with the PernixData team and I am personally proud to be the founding board member of the company. We believe that the channel partners would love the economics of a truly frictionless software-directed storage as the core piece of software defined, agile enterprise data center. Congratulations to Poojan, Satyam and the rest of the PernixData team for an amazing execution. Well done!

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