Partner, Executive Talent

Pete Steinle

“Transformational companies are world class at attracting, developing and retaining great talent. There are no exceptions to this and the competition for talent has become incredibly cutthroat. Founders need support. The opportunity to leverage the entirety of my professional experiences and help a select group of founders and CEOs evolve into this class of company was a challenge that I could not pass up.”

While Pete joined Lightspeed as Executive Talent Partner in early 2020, he has been working in the Venture Capital ecosystem for 25+ years. Early in his career, Pete spent 10 years operating inside two successful venture funded enterprise technology companies, including time at Salesforce when the company grew from $5M to $100M and went public. More recently, he’s spent 15 years at Kindred Partners recruiting C-level executives into venture funded enterprise technology companies. A few examples of companies he’s helped build by placing CEOs or other Go-to-Market leaders include Coupa, Anaplan, Proofpoint, HashiCorp, Marketo and Looker, among many others. 

Pete has worked closely with some of the most transformational companies in the enterprise over the years, and his combination of operating and recruiting experience has created a unique lens and deep network for Lightspeed’s enterprise portfolio to leverage. 

Originally from Connecticut, Pete majored in History at Middlebury College and moved to the Bay Area in 1995. When he’s not working, he’s likely doing something super active with his wife, two teenage daughters, and dogs. A lifelong athlete, Pete has always been fascinated with teams and leadership. “Amazing leadership can create a culture of unity where the group is selflessly striving for greatness,” said Pete. “Early stage growth companies are quite analogous.”