Eoin O’Mahony

Partner, Data Science. Menlo Park.

Eoin’s strong sense of community stems from his small-town upbringing in the Irish countryside, where everybody knew their neighbors. The VC world strikes him as another tight-knit community, and he is approaching it with the same warmth, kindness and the willingness to help that he experienced as a child.

Eoin is joining Lightspeed as Partner, Data Science, focusing on building a strong internal data engine to help drive the firm’s data-based decisions. He spent eight years working in applied science at Uber, where he built and led high-performing science teams, and prior to that at Citibike where he used applied analytics, machine learning and optimization to solve real-world problems. His technical background will help make data core to Lightspeed’s decision-making process.

Eoin joins the team with a PhD and M.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University and a BSc in Computer Science from University College Cork. He is most excited about upleveling how Lightspeed uses data to inform decisions.

“The broader VC industry is going through an inflection point in terms of how it leverages data,” Eoin says, “and I want Lightspeed to be setting the standard and shaping the direction the industry is taking.”

Eoin spends his spare time exploring and trying new restaurants with his wife and two young kids. He also loves reading and cooking, and believes both hobbies help influence his work by pushing him to learn more and teaching him that execution truly matters and is easy to observe in the outcome. His philosophy is that if things are worth doing, they are worth doing well.

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