Why We Invested in Rubrik

Today we are excited to announce Lightspeed’s $10 million Series A investment in Rubrik. Just as Apple built a time machine to protect Macs, Rubrik has built a powerful time machine for enterprise cloud infrastructure that unites data management with web-scale technology.

A market size of epic proportions, a groundbreaking architectural approach, and a world-class founding team drove our decision to invest.

A $47 Billion Data Management Market

This year, IDC estimates that enterprises will spend $47 billion on infrastructure to manage data across business continuity (data protection, replication, recovery), regulatory compliance (archiving, eDiscovery), and business growth (application development/testing, analytics). The Rubrik time machine — Rubrik Converged Data Management — not only delivers backup and recovery but also lays the foundation to addressing each of these areas. For example, enterprises using Rubrik can accelerate DevOps by provisioning on-demand infrastructure for application development and testing.

A Radical New Approach

The velocity at which data is managed is crucial to business survival today. Rubrik innovates with a slimmer architectural approach to delivering instant recovery by eliminating the need for backup software.

Rubrik customers have gotten up and running within 15 minutes, slashing the amount of time (sometimes up to 6 months) required to establish and customize their backup and data protection environments and enable de-duplicated storage systems underneath.

In addition, Rubrik’s architectural approach recognizes the voracious need of today’s enterprises to manage ever-increasing volumes of data. Rubrik introduces web-scale technology to data management for the first time. Think Google and Amazon scale-out data centers. That means customers can scale up to thousands of nodes to handle PBs of data with no re-architectural changes or forklift upgrades.

A World-Class Team

When Lightspeed invests in companies, we look for people with the potential to be world-class entrepreneurs. Prior to Rubrik, Bipul Sinha was my colleague and partner at Lightspeed. He has an amazing knack for identifying and mentoring star entrepreneurs building radical new technologies to disrupt massive industries and has already been involved in some pretty game-changing companies like Nutanix, PernixData, and Numerify. One year ago, Bipul decided to co-found Rubrik with Arvind Jain (Google Distinguished Engineer, founding engineer of Riverbed), Soham Mazumdar (Google Staff Engineer, co-founder of Teragoogle, Google Founder’s Award recipient), and Arvind Nithrakashyap (co-founder of Oracle Exadata, a $3Bn+ annual business). Together, they have built an all-star team from Google, Facebook, Data Domain, and VMware to revolutionize the data management industry by transforming complex, legacy enterprise IT into elegant products that are dead simple to use.

It’s a privilege to be working with Bipul, Arvind², Soham and the rest of the team. Lightspeed is thrilled to partner with Rubrik on its journey to build a large, lasting, game-changing company.

Check out Rubrik’s Early Access program.
See Rubrik’s press release and keep up with the latest news @rubrikInc on Twitter.

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