Why IPO? You need the public market’s tough love.

You need to move out of your parent’s basement.

Venture capitalists are the perfect parents for a certain stage in a startup’s life. We VCs are great — or should be — in the early stages of a company. We can help founders find their leadership legs, recruit people, and add a layer of accountability in the marketplace. We’re another neck to choke, if it comes to that.

Too legit to quit.

Simply the act of going public sends a very strong signal — not just to investors, but also to employees and customers. For employees, an IPO is clear validation of a company that is built for the long run, and one that can offer life-changing returns as stock in the company vests.

And yes, there is the money.

Initial public offerings are designed to raise capital. Too often in Silicon Valley, IPOs are viewed as some financial finish line. For some VCs, and other private market investors, that might be the case, but in the continuum of a company and for long-term investors, an IPO is really the start of financial maturity. It is the beginning of adulthood, and with that comes some real benefits.

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