What are you drinking?

The rise of alt-drinks in a sober curious world

Prohibition was repealed by the 21st Amendment in 1933, yet today’s drink menu looks largely the same as it did nearly a century ago. The alcohol industry is dominated by a few large players that still work within the bounds of the post prohibition era — a three tier regulatory system where distributors sit in-between retailers and producers. Innovation has been slow to come and has often missed the mark, as brands are disconnected from the end-consumer.

Prohibition-era three tier system of alcohol distribution still in effect today.

1. Build a Relationship

@drinkbev Instagram account
Kin House LA. (Source: Lonny; Photographed by Yoshi Makino for Kin Euphorics)

2. Create Better Beverages

New categories and example brands (image source: Google).

3. Distribute Direct

Wine distribution map (source: Wine Institute).

4. Flip the Script

The Assembly, a women’s club in SF, provides Food & Bev options for members, including both alcohol and alcohol-free options (source: Instagram).

Billion-dollar Opportunity

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