Building With Typeface

With speed, personalization, and brand control, Typeface is paving the way for how businesses create and collaborate with AI.

Typeface translates your thoughts into powerful brand stories.

By Ravi Mhatre and Raviraj Jain

In many ways generative AI feels like magic. With just a few descriptive words or images, it can conjure up something the world has never seen before. Whether it’s a surreal image that challenges the boundaries of our imagination, a thought-provoking blog post that captures the essence of a complex issue, a persuasive press release that leaves us inspired, or a poem that’s convincing enough to pass the Turing Test, the possibilities of generative AI are truly endless.

Generative AI has marked a profound paradigm shift in how we interact with technology. The increasing need for businesses to generate vast amounts of engaging content has fueled the demand for such platforms to an unprecedented level. Enterprises are now actively seeking ways to leverage generative AI platforms to realize their content creation goals with greater efficiency and profitability. While enterprises are eager to implement this technology, they also face challenges of maintaining brand control and creating unique content that aligns with their values and identity.

We believe Typeface is solving this challenge with the first enterprise-grade generative AI application for personalized content. Typeface combines the content velocity of AI with a brand’s own creative assets, voice, and audiences, so anyone can create unique, brand-safe content across all digital mediums, including text, images, and more, with superhuman results. That’s why we are excited to announce that Lightspeed is making a significant investment in Typeface’s $65M round coming out of stealth.​​

. Typeface creates stunning, on-brand content — social media, blogs, websites, and more.

A world-class team with a bold vision

Just as exciting as the product is the team behind Typeface. Led by Founder and Former CTO of Adobe, Abhay Parasnis, this team boasts an impressive track record of building revolutionary, long-lasting technologies. What sets this team apart is their unique combination of a deep domain expertise in AI, cloud, and media technologies as well as a deep understanding of business’s needs in today’s digital content landscape.

It’s rare to find a founding team that can measure up to these leaders in terms of their experience, expertise, and knack for launching new products quickly while expanding existing ones within large enterprises. They have repeatedly impressed us with their hustle, passion, and breakneck speed, already accumulating significant customer interest. We believe this a clear indication in a booming AI content development market of Typeface’s differentiated vision with its clear customer impact on maximizing creative potential and meaningfully engaging with consumers with the content that resonates best.

Generative AI will redefine the enterprise

By investing in Typeface, Lightspeed is reaffirming its commitment to the potential of AI, building upon its investments in other leading AI companies, such as Moveworks, Snorkel AI, Stability AI, and ThoughtSpot. While this latest investment is part of Lightspeed’s long-term strategy of backing visionary AI companies, Typeface represents an exciting new frontier in the enterprise applications of generative AI technology.

The applications of generative AI in the workplace are clear, and those who embrace this technology stand to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced, content-driven environment. With the team behind Typeface well-positioned to succeed, we can expect to see even more innovation in enterprise creation and collaboration in the years to come. We at Lightspeed could not be more thrilled to partner with them as they launch and support them on their mission to empower everyone to express their unique imagination.

Typeface is now available for select customers. Sign up for their waitlist here. To learn more about Typeface, watch here or visit their website.

We teamed up with Typeface to co-write this piece and generate images, tapping into its powerful technology to overcome writer’s block, brainstorm fresh ideas, and even craft full sentences. This partnership offers a glimpse into the exciting possibilities of human-AI co-creation, making the entire process enjoyable and inspiring.

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