​​Select Star + Lightspeed: Data Democracy for All

Pictured: Shinji Kim, Founder & CEO, Select Star.
  • Where is the data? Cloud data warehouses put all your information in one place, but data practitioners still need to sift through thousands of datasets to find the right data to use
  • Is this data appropriate for my particular use case? To trust data, users need to know how it’s already being used inside their company and by whom
  • Why is my dashboard broken? Upstream changes from product or engineering can trickle down to dashboards going broken or producing incorrect numbers, and these issues can be difficult to diagnose quickly
  • Easy setup and fast “time to wow,” unlike other tools which take months to spin up
  • Accurate, reliable data discovery and column-level lineage that data teams can trust
  • Streamlined, focused UX, avoiding bloated UIs that drive confusion and reduce internal adoption
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