Scrut Automation: Bringing GRC automation to the mid-market

Scrut Automation: Bringing GRC automation to the mid-market

I was first introduced to Aayush over Zoom on the drive from Koramangala to Bengaluru airport. We were nearing the end of 2021, and Rohit at Darwinbox insisted we meet Aayush. 

The video call was patchy but Aayush pitched his three-month-old business with HD clarity. He saw businesses caught in a maze of tools for managing information security. He said there is a strong trendline of technology buyers look for compliance and security certifications from their suppliers, leading to a cascading effect downstream. Aayush’s Scrut Automation wanted to make sure businesses could remove those risks but with a single, modern, cloud-native solution. It was hard not to be swept up in the current of his vision.

His energy and focus stayed with us. We met him — in person and unpixelated — in Delhi NCR the next day. A few hours in, we handed Aayush a term sheet to co-lead the seed round in Scrut Automation alongside our friends at Endiya. We proceeded to introduce Aayush to several angel investors in the US who joined us in the financing.

Two years on, the team at Scrut continues to excite us.  The execution, customer obsession, and innovation of the three founders have always impressed us and translated into consistent growth for the company. Scrut is growing 350% YoY with more than 800 customers. We’re thrilled to lead its $10 million growth financing round, as the company expands its vision and engages more customers.

The trendline

The enterprise GRC market is a substantial $39 billion opportunity, growing at a CAGR of 12.2%. It is expected to nearly triple to $110 billion by 2030.

Despite this rising demand, mid-market companies are currently underserved when it comes to GRC solutions.

  • Traditional or commonly available security tools such as OneTrust and RSA Archer are time and labour-intensive and meant for large enterprises. There is work needed here on automation, design and finesse.
  • Where larger enterprises may choose to employ dedicated Chief Security Officers and GRC teams to meet that challenge, mid-market companies can’t afford large teams and need tools to support effective compliance- and risk-management.   
  • Most new tools enable periodic information gathering but almost none are focused on continuous risk monitoring and automation, leaving companies exposed to cybersecurity threats and compliance violations.

The Scrut Advantage

Scrut Automation automates compliance and simplifies information security for cloud-native companies with its risk-focused platform. 

  • Full stack cloud-native solutionScrut Automation has built a comprehensive solution on cloud-native architecture, providing scalability and ease of use. 
  • Focus on automationIt focuses on continuous monitoring, rapid deployment, and streamlined compliance workflows.
  • Experienced teamIt has the right team with expertise in compliance, services, and cloud-native architecture.
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