Building With Believer—an Ambitious New Games Company

Industry luminaries behind Riot Games’ League of Legends and Wild Rift are set to create worlds that will bring players’ previously impossible dreams to life.

The Believer Company: Riot executives launch with $55 million in funding from Lightspeed, a16z, BITKRAFT, Riot Games, Michael Eisner, Cleveland Avenue, Liberty Global, 1Up, Upfront, Next Play, and others.
Key leadership in commercial successes: The founding team’s executive-produced titles League of Legends and Wild Rift (pictured) have collectively grossed over $10 billion to date.

Partnering Up: High-MMR Matchmaking

Game Vision: An Open-World Game with Original, Transmedia IP

Transmedia storytelling: The team will draw on their experiences, investors, and advisors across technology, film, and music; including former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott, pop rock band Imagine Dragons, Liberty Global, Baobab Studios, and the creators of Netflix success ‘Arcane’ (pictured).

Meet The Team: An Extraordinary Founding Duo

Michael Chow (Co-Founder and CEO)

“Players are the best audience to serve in the world. They’re noble, smart, discerning, and infinitely inventive,” said Chow. “We hold their investments of time, skill, and hard-earned money as sacred, and we will always put their needs first at every stage of Believer’s journey. We look forward to growing our team with people as passionate as we are and we are actively seeking like-minded talent to believe with us.”

Steven Snow (Co-Founder and CPO)

“The last few years have brought forward some very exciting technologies. In our world, where the player is the focus, our goal is to bring select technologies into the development and gameplay spaces explicitly for the betterment of our players and the games they love,” Snow said. “Bringing free-to-play to North America and Europe with League of Legends really changed the landscape of how games as a service could work. It is our privilege to have the opportunity to help shape the future responsibly. And we are excited to say ‘no f****** thanks’ to the technologies that won’t make the game more fun.”

Your Opportunity: Join an Epic Adventure

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