Building With Wiz—Cloud Infrastructure Security

Announcing Lightspeed’s Series D investment in Wiz, the leading cloud infrastructure security platform

Assaf Rappaport, CEO/Founder of Wiz

Announcing Lightspeed’s Series D investment in Wiz, the leading cloud infrastructure security platform

To solve that gap, most security teams have adopted a sprawling stack of point solutions that each pinpoint risk in a specific vector but miss important context from one another. These tools are designed primarily for security teams and often ignore the pace of product development in a modern organization, which creates a tradeoff between security and product agility.

The glaring gap between cloud adoption and security coverage ushers in the next paradigm shift in cyber. That’s where Wiz comes in.

Wiz has emerged as the leader in cloud native application protection (CNAPP). They protect the entire cloud risk plane rather than only focusing on discrete vectors like configurations, identity controls, or data vulnerabilities. Wiz can be installed in minutes and prioritizes vulnerabilities by risk level, since the last thing security teams need is another laundry list of vulnerabilities.

Wiz’s special sauce is not just in their frictionless implementation or their all-in-one approach. It’s in the context around each flagged risk. At the product’s core is a datagraph that correlates all relevant data around a vulnerability, be it permissions, exposure levels, configurations, secrets, or linkage between environments. Each piece of data you add to their graph adds to the broader story around your risk. The result is better coverage, tool consolidation, and most importantly, a lower false positive rate than competition.

Importantly, more than half of Wiz users sit outside of the security org, which shows how effective they are in scaling security responsibilities more broadly. Wiz has achieved the holy grail of allowing organizations to move at the pace of their engineering teams rather than their lean security teams.

The combination of acute market need, a best-in-class product, and the team’s rapid pace of development has resulted in extraordinary customer adoption. Feedback on the Wiz product is more akin to what you’d expect for the next best consumer app rather than a cyber company. They’ve won the hearts of demanding logos like Morgan Stanley, Salesforce, Experian, Snowflake, and hundreds more.

Assaf, Ami, Yinon, Roy, and the rest of the team are building what we believe is one of the next seminal companies in cyber. Lightspeed’s Growth Team is thrilled to lead Wiz’s $300M Series D and we can’t wait to see how they continue to pave the way in cloud security.


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