Glean’s Enterprise-Ready Generative AI is Transforming Workplace Search and Discovery

Over the past few months, ChatGPT has managed to impress us with everything from expressive poetry to passing both the bar exam and the medical licensing exam. Yet, while wooing millions with the powerful capabilities of generative AI, general purpose models still can’t provide you with the most recent version of your team’s OKRs, or an explanation of how your department’s request process works. When it comes down to enterprise work and knowledge discovery, they’re missing a component that’s essential to delivering the robust workplace assistance we’re hoping for.

A foundation of trusted knowledge

In order to provide responses that provide real value within an enterprise environment, generative AI needs to be grounded in trusted enterprise knowledge and the right search foundation. That requires a trusted knowledge model — a system that’s capable of understanding all the most recent content and context within an organization, the relationships between workers, the company’s unique internal language, along with all privacy and security parameters in place.

That’s why Glean shines as an ideal solution to this rather complex problem. The AI-powered workplace search company has spent the past four years developing highly refined trusted knowledge models with which to power their search solution. On top of being capable of building this complex understanding of enterprise information, Glean’s crisp and nuanced search ranking system further lends itself to maximizing the value of generative AI by ensuring results are accurate, secure, and reliable.

Recently, Glean took a significant stride into bringing this ideal generative experience into the workplace by announcing a suite of enterprise-ready AI search capabilities for the modern workplace:

  • Generative AI answers: using the latest generative machine learning models to understand and synthesize content from across an organization, AI Answers can provide a single crisp answer to natural language search queries, taking into account content, context and permissions from across an entire organization.
  • Expert detection: based on its deep understanding of a company’s content, employees, activity and how they relate to one another, Glean can show users relevant experts by mapping subject matters to people, which can be particularly helpful in this era of remote/hybrid work.
  • In-context recommendations: provides users with supplemental content and context related to any given asset. If a user is working on a document and wants additional information on the topic, typing Cmd-J (Ctrl-J on Windows) will surface clickable recommendations for related or relevant content from across the company in a companion window.

A critical head-start

These exciting new capabilities are just part of the picture. Glean’s unique position regarding generative AI is built upon a solid foundation of exceptional leadership and years of industry-leading experience working with enterprise content at volume. We’ve also known Arvind Jain, CEO of Glean and Distinguished Engineer at Google, for more than 20 years — working alongside him at Lightspeed portfolio companies Riverbed and Rubrik.

Having co-led Glean’s initial funding in 2019, it’s been a delight to see Glean’s progress over the years. We’re sure to see them making waves as generative AI and workplace search continues to be a top priority for modern digital workplaces.

If you’re curious to learn more about Glean, or wondering how to build essential, cutting edge technology alongside world-class talent, check them out below:


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