Building With Berry Health—Full Stack Healthcare

Dr. Fredua Akosa, Founder & CEO of Berry Health.

Berry Health is a game-changing, full-stack, direct-to-consumer healthcare company, and we’re brimming with excitement today as we announce our recent investment in the company. This partnership underscores our firm commitment to backing innovative startups that are broadening the horizon of quality healthcare and redefining its delivery mechanism.

Meet Berry Health and Its Visionary Leader, Dr. Fredua Akosa

Berry Health, under the remarkable leadership of Dr. Fredua Akosa, is set to pioneer change in the healthcare sector. Dr. Akosa is a seasoned physician with a Medical Degree from the University of Ghana. He broadened his skills with a Master in Public Health from Yale University and an MBA from Oxford University. Inspired by his work as an investor, he returned to Ghana, fuelled with an audacious vision: using technology to bridge the healthcare gaps in Sub-Saharan Africa.

With a laser-focused approach, Berry Health is initially targeting four vital health sectors: sexual health, skin care, hair loss, and mental health. These areas, often under-addressed in emerging markets, are where Berry Health plans to disrupt norms and influence lasting change.

The Opportunity: Why Now is the Time for Digital Healthcare in Africa

Now you might be wondering, why now? What makes us believe in the potential of digital healthcare in Africa? The answer lies in the promising growth trends of the region.

Africa, with its booming population of 1.34 billion people, is witnessing an unprecedented digital revolution. Over 400 million people now own a smartphone, enabling wide-scale access to digital platforms. Moreover, over 300 million people have a high healthcare spend, reflecting the significant market opportunity for a solution like Berry Health.

The recent pandemic has catapulted e-commerce into the spotlight, with a massive 74% growth in the post-Covid era. This trend clearly showcases the readiness of the African population to adopt digital solutions in every facet of life, including healthcare.

Addressing Crucial Health Challenges

Understanding the immense potential of digital healthcare in Africa, let’s take a step back and evaluate the current healthcare challenges the continent faces.

Africa has the highest global rate of suicide and clinically diagnosed depression, alongside the second-highest incidence of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), with an alarming 86 million cases annually. The availability of healthcare professionals is also staggeringly low, with Sub-Saharan Africa having less than one doctor for every 10,000 people — a stark contrast to the 30 doctors per 10,000 people in the States and 37 doctors per 10,000 in Europe.

Bridging the Healthcare Gap: Berry Health’s Approach

Armed with a deep understanding of these healthcare challenges and the potential of digital technology, Berry Health aims to revolutionize the sector. Starting in Ghana, the company plans to make medical consultations, prescriptions, and treatment more accessible through online consultations and home delivery services.

This model democratizes access to healthcare services that have traditionally been limited to in-person, often expensive consultations. It enables a broader range of consumers to control their health and wellness, eliminating barriers that have hindered access to quality care.

Our Investment: A Step Towards a Healthier Future

Our investment in Berry Health extends beyond potential returns — it’s about driving tangible change. We believe in Berry Health’s vision and Fredua’s ability to bring a fresh, cost-effective, and consumer-centric approach to healthcare. This investment represents our dedication to advancing digital health technologies, advocating for inclusivity in healthcare, and fostering a healthier society.

We’re honored to be part of Berry Health’s journey and eagerly anticipate the positive impact they’re set to make on the African healthcare industry and beyond.

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