22 Years at Lightspeed — Building the Venture Capital Firm of the Future

A forward outlook as Lightspeed closes on over $7 Billion of committed capital to serve Founders around the globe

Faction Ventures, LLC (“Faction”) and Lightspeed Management Company, L.L.C. (“Lightspeed”) are separate businesses that operate independently of each other. Faction is a registered investment adviser under the United States Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended. Faction advises its own fund(s) and does not advise any Lightspeed clients, and Lightspeed does not advise Faction or any of its clients. Lightspeed and Faction are parties to an agreement pursuant to which Lightspeed holds certain interests in Faction and the fund(s) Faction manages.

Lightspeed Possibility grows the deeper you go. Serving bold builders of the future.