Lewis Kaneshiro - CEO
Karthik Ramasamy - CPO
Sanjeev Kulkarni - CTO
Sijie Guo - Co-founder
Matteo Merli - Co-founder
Series A
Lightspeed Team
John Vrionis - Leaders At Scale

Streamlio enables companies to understand and respond to data in real time. With the first unified platform for streaming data, Streamlio provides a solution with the enterprise-class performance, scalability, and resiliency needed to harness enterprises’ ever-growing streams of data. Using Streamlio, companies can build real-time applications incorporating fast-moving data such as real-time personalization, monitoring, and security.

Founded by the teams that built the next-generation technology used by Twitter and Yahoo for their real-time data, Streamlio provides an open-source solution that unifies streaming data messaging, processing and storage. Proven in production at Twitter and Yahoo scale, the best-in-class technologies at the heart of the Streamlio solution have been architected to support modern event-driven architectures, microservices applications, and distributed systems.

John Vrionis